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By Schaaf W.L.

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00 a sale. 50 a sale. How many sales per week must be made for plan A to yield the greater paycheck? 92. PERSONAL FINANCE A video store offers two rental plans. The yearly membership fee and the daily charge per video are shown below. How many videos can be rented per year if the No-fee plan is to be the less expensive of the plans? 99 w l 89. PERSONAL FINANCE A bank offers two checking account plans. The monthly fee and charge per check for each plan are shown in the table at the top of the next column.

Write your answer in standard form. 66. x ϩ y Ϫ 6x Ϫ 4y ϩ 12 ෇ 0 2 29 15 ෇0 4 72. x 2 ϩ y 2 ϩ 3x Ϫ 5y ϩ 25 ෇0 4 Connecting Concepts In Exercises 77 to 86, graph the set of all points whose x- and y-coordinates satisfy the given conditions. 77. x ෇ 1, y Ն 1 78. y ෇ Ϫ3, x Ն Ϫ2 79. y Յ 3 80. x Ն 2 81. xy Ն 0 82. ͉y͉ Ն 1, 83. ͉x͉ ෇ 2, ͉y͉ ෇ 3 84. ͉x͉ ෇ 4, ͉y͉ ෇ 1 85. ͉x͉ Յ 2, y Ն 2 86. x Ն 1, ͉y͉ Յ 3 x Յ0 y In Exercises 87 to 90, find the other endpoint of the line segment that has the given endpoint and midpoint.

38. The domain of f is all real xϪ1 numbers except 1. Because f ͑1͒ is undefined, there is no point on the graph when x ෇ 1. However, there are points on the graph for values of x close to 1. The table below shows some values of the function when x is less than 1 but close to 1. 38 take note We can also write, “As x l 1Ϫ, It appears from the graph and the table that as x gets closer and closer to 1, f ͑x͒ becomes smaller and smaller. That is, as x approaches 1 using values of x that are less than 1, f ͑x͒ approaches Ϫϱ.

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