A Covenant of Creatures: Levinas's Philosophy of Judaism - download pdf or read online

By Michael Fagenblat

ISBN-10: 0804774684

ISBN-13: 9780804774680

"I am no longer a very Jewish thinker," stated Emmanuel Levinas, "I am only a thinker." This ebook argues opposed to the belief, affirmed by means of Levinas himself, that Totality and Infinity and another way Than Being separate philosophy from Judaism. through studying Levinas's philosophical works in the course of the prism of Judaic texts and concepts, Michael Fagenblat argues that what Levinas known as "ethics" is as a lot a hermeneutical product wrought from the Judaic background as a sequence of phenomenological observations. deciphering the Levinas's philosophy of Judaism inside a Heideggerian and Pauline framework, Fagenblat makes use of biblical, rabbinic, and Maimonidean texts to supply sustained interpretations of the philosopher's paintings. finally he demands a reconsideration of the relation among culture and philosophy, and of the that means of religion after the demise of epistemology.

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Bataille's intuition of this affmity is the principle of his excellent writings on Proust. 52 Discontinuity in Bataille is an inextrication or incompletion which is the investment of interiority by communication. It is the plethora that begins a glissement in which (a) being divides, but it divides at that very moment, at the moment of the glissement, at the critical moment at which these beings, which will presently be opposed to one another, are not yet opposed. The crisis of separation [crise separatrice 1 proceeds from the plethora: it is not yet separation, it is ambiguity.

Consciousness repeatedly fails to perceive its own "experience", which is a dialectical "communication" with exteriority in the process of differentiation. The duality of consciousness' experience and its insufficient view of this experience is the animation of the dialectic. Although the ultimate Hegelian definitions of this experience are thematically organized in terms of comprehension and totalization, the basic duality of experience, communication, or differentiation, on one hand, and consciousness' naive and "interested" attitude toward this experience, on the other, describes an essentially communicational moment in Hegel which radically exceeds the intellectualist or "idealist" stratum of his thought.

In an economic sense, they describe differentiation as proximity: an approach to the Other which is also an intrication with the Other. The general economy is a passion, an obsession, a subjectivity. It creates fragments or remainders which are non-indifferent to the reality from which they are differentiated. Passion or obsession is the modality of differentiation which conditions the possibility of a cognitive or intentional relation. Bataille writes: "Being, most often, seems to be given to man outside the movements of passion.

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