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Quentin Lauer is among the top writers on Hegel. learn his different books too. in particular the "Essays in Hegelian Dialectic" between others.

Hegel is tough to appreciate initially, Mr. Lauer makes the duty a section more straightforward. even though extra introductory fabrics should be wanted for many readers ahead of this one is learn.

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It simply is not history at alleven though it is historical. Thus, when at this point Hegel goes on to say that the master's domination is dependent on the slave's clinging to existence and that, 46 "The future belongs to the once-terrorized producer, progressively liberated by the spiritualized quality of his own labor, not to the seemingly omnipotent consumer, who treats both the servant and his product as dead things" (Kelly, "Hegel's 'Lordship and Bondage,'" in MacIntyre, Hegel, p. 193). It should be noted, however, that Kelly here takes issue with the over-simplified but influential interpretation of this dialectic by Kojève and his epigones.

This sort of consciousness may or may not be a "natural" function; the point is that not only can it not be satisfied with its own apprehension of its object, it must negate whatever satisfaction it appeared to have and move on to a more adequate stage. At the very first stage of the process, then, the mainspring of dialectical movement is revealed. It will not always be as clearly revealed as it is here, but it will always be the same. It consists in (a) the unsatisfactoriness of the respective mode of consciousness (for its own content), and (b) its being pointed in the direction it must take if that unsatisfactoriness is to be overcome; the very negation of inadequacy will be an affirmation of what is more adequate.

152/243/197). When consciousness represents something to itself, it has to remind itself, "this [representation] is mine"; when it conceives it is conscious that "the concept is immediately my concept" (p. 152/243/197); it is clearly not adventitious. At least to this extent, then, consciousness is free; the responsibility for its concept is its own; the Sein of conceiving Bewusstsein is consciousness' being-for-itself: "In thinking I am free, because I am not 40 41 in another but remain simply with myself, and the object which for me is being is in an inseparable unity [with me], is my being-for-myself'' (p.

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