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By Jens Nieling, Ellen Rehm

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For 2 hundred years, from the second one 1/2 the 6th century to the many years sooner than 330 BC, the Persian dynasty of the Achaemenids governed a huge empire stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Afghanistan and India. the good Kings Dareios I and Xerxes I even attempted to overcome Greece and the northern Black Sea territories. even though they failed, elements of Thrace did develop into a part of their dominion for a brief interval. The query consistently rises as to why the good Kings have been drawn to the western and northern Pontic zones. not like a number of the different satrapies, equivalent to Egypt, Phoenicia and Syria, the Black Sea had no wealthy towns or provinces to supply. One attainable solution could be the need to beat the whole lot of the identified international. After 479 BC, it appears the nice Kings said the truth that the coast and the Caucasus shaped the average borders in their Empire. The satraps, however, couldn't keep away from turning into eager about the affairs of the Black Sea area with a purpose to defend the frontiers they'd tested. they'd to include the Greeks, as approved population in their province, into the Persian administrative approach. probably they completed this by way of granting them the monopoly in sea exchange and utilizing the Anatolian Greeks because the major lively bearers and transmitters of Persian customs and tradition. extra examine into this bankruptcy of Persian background continues to be required.

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2. The Labraunda sphinx (photo by the author). The sphinxes Only part of the head of one of the sphinxes was found. The other is far better preserved, so that it is possible to discern its original posture and general appearance, although it is heavily weathered (Fig. 2). 5 Peculiarly archaistic and severe, the long beard is depicted as a mass with regular grooves cut into it – and also the line between the beard and chest and neck is indicated by a groove. Quite a long moustache breaks the massive impression of the beard and emphasizes the lip line.

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