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By Karen S. Gibb, John W. Randles (auth.), Kerry F. Harris (eds.)

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This sequence explores how vectors (carriers of ailment brokers, reminiscent of bugs) gather, hold and as a result transmit pathogens to hosts. It covers the spectrum of vectors, together with companies of plant pathogens in addition to medically comparable pathogens. The Chapters in quantity 7 contain: 1. K. Gibb, J.W. Randles: Transmission of velvet tobacco mottle virus and comparable viruses by way of the mirid Cyrto- peltis nicotianae. 2. N. Carter, R. Harrington: components influencing aphid inhabitants dynamics and behaviour and the implications for virus unfold. three. R.H. Bagnall: Cyclic epidemics of aphid-borne potato viruses in Northern seed-potato-growing components. four. C.J. Andrews, R.C. Sinha: Interactions among barley yellow dwarf virus an infection and winter-stress tolerance in cereals. five. J.R. DeLoach, G. Spates: man made diets for blood feeding bugs: a evaluate. 6. I. Maudlin: Transmission of African trypanosomiasis: interactions between Tsetse immune method, symbionts, and parasites. 7. C. Chastel, I. Humphery-Smith: Mosquito spiroplasmas. the 1st 4 chapters conceal issues in plant virus transmission through bugs. the ultimate 3 chapters concentrate on human and animal affliction institutions with bollid-feeding flies.

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Avenae alatae produced at high densities and at later crop growth stages (5, 132). In addition to these two factors, the presence of BYDV in host plants influences the production of alatae. Both S. avenae and R. padi, which have fed on virus-infected plants, are more likely to produce alatiform offspring compared with those that have fed on uninfected plants (39, 40). This is probably a result of changes in host-plant physiology (possibly amino acid concentrations), brought about by the virus, affecting aphid development.

Persicae in the suction trap at Edinburgh with the mean screen air temperatures in February has been used to advise growers of the need to apply insecticide granules at planting to control vectors of PLRV in the valuable Scottish seed potato crop (118, 119). In years when the forecast indicates the start of migration before the middle of June, insecticide use at planting is justified but if it is predicted to occur later, treatment at planting is not recommended as the granules are not persistent enough to control the aphids arriving later and, thus, sprays may be necessary.

1967, Localisation of wheat streak mosaic virus in the alimentary canal of its vector Aceria tulipae Keifer, Virology 32:344-353. , 1986, Velvet tobacco mottle virus, Association of Applied Biologists Descriptions of Plant Viruses No. 317. , 1981, Studies on encapsidated viroid-like RNA. 1. Characterisation of velvet tobacco mottle virus, Virology 108: 111-122. I. , 1977, Transmission of Erwinia amylovora to pear fruit by Lygus spp. Plant Dis. Report. 61:936-939. Tamada, T. , 1981, Quantitative studies on the uptake and retention of potato leafroll virus by aphids in laboratory and field conditions.

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