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By Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Christos Volos

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This ebook stories at the most recent advances in and functions of memristors, memristive units and structures. It gathers 20 contributed chapters via topic specialists, together with pioneers within the box resembling Leon Chua (UC Berkeley, united states) and R.S. Williams (HP Labs, USA), who're really good within the a variety of themes addressed during this booklet, and covers vast parts of memristors and memristive units reminiscent of: memristor emulators, oscillators, chaotic and hyperchaotic memristive platforms, keep an eye on of memristive platforms, memristor-based min-max circuits, canonic memristors, memristive-based neuromorphic functions, implementation of memristor-based chaotic oscillators, inverse memristors, linear memristor units, behind schedule memristive structures, flux-controlled memristive emulators, and so forth.
Throughout the booklet, unique emphasis is given to papers supplying sensible suggestions and layout, modeling, and implementation insights to handle present learn difficulties in memristors, memristive units and structures. As such, it bargains a precious reference booklet on memristors and memristive units for graduate scholars and researchers with a simple wisdom of electric and regulate structures engineering.

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3b is a double-valued Lissajous figure plotted on the i versus v plane. Such a multi-valued Lissajous figure of v(t), i(t), which passes through the origin is called a pinched hysteresis loop (Chua 2003). This unique feature is the characteristic property of a memristor that distinguishes it from non-memristive devices. The lower figure in Fig. 3b shows the variation of memductance with respect to applied voltage v(t). Fig. 3 a Waveforms of the applied sinusoidal voltage v(t) = A sin(2πft), output current i(t), state variables x1(t), x2(t), and memductance G(t) of the second-order generic memristor.

T. Pd. Sah et al. t. in (27) denotes the higher-order terms of Δx1, Δx2, and Δv1. t. t. ð30Þ where,  ∂f1 ðx1 , x2 , vÞ b11 =  ∂x1 Q ð31aÞ b12 =  ∂f1 ðx1 , x2 , vÞ  ∂x2 Q ð31bÞ b13 =  ∂f1 ðx1 , x2 , vÞ  ∂v Q ð31cÞ Since ðX1Q , X2Q , VQ Þ specifies a point on the DC V-I curve, the term f1 ðX1Q , X2Q , VQ Þ = 0. t. t. ð33Þ where,  ∂f2 ðx1 , x2 , vÞ c11 =  ∂x1 Q ð34aÞ  ∂f2 ðx1 , x2 , vÞ  ∂x2 Q ð34bÞ  ∂f2 ðx1 , x2 , vÞ c13 =  ∂v Q ð34cÞ c12 = Since ðX1Q , X2Q , VQ Þ specifies a point on the DC V-I curve, the term f2 ðX1Q , X2Q , VQ Þ = 0.

1c are equivalent to the Eigen values of the Jacobian matrix (47). A Simple Oscillator Using Memristor 45 Table 4 Comparison of the poles of the admittance function Y(s; V) and the Eigen values of the Jacobian matrix JðX1 , X2 ; VÞ 5 Local Activity and Edge of Chaos The local activity theorem provides the fundamental concept for predicting whether the nonlinear system can exhibit complexity or not, whereas a small neighborhood of the edge of chaos in the parameter space of a dynamical system is where complex phenomena and information processing will most likely emerge (Chua et al.

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