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By Padmasambhava, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Erik Pema Kunsang

ISBN-10: 9627341207

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Padmasambhava is the first grasp of Vajrayana, the lessons for our time. Out of his nice compassion and knowledge, he steered his major disciple Yeshe Tsogyal to hide terma treasures to be printed on the destined time for destiny practitioners. The profundity of this recommendation is intended to be in my view utilized through all contributors in all conditions. Advice from the Lotus Born is a vintage paintings which includes legitimate fact for a person who essentially desires to stick with a religious direction.

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Though taught the words describing this unity, his mind cannot grasp them. The shortcoming of straying in this way is that the conceptual attitude of regarding the perceived [objects] as being concrete prevents you from understanding the teachings of Mind Only. Through strong philosophical partisan- 45 ADVICE FROM THE LOTUS-BORNI mindedness, you are separated from the paths and stages to ommsctence [enlightenment]. He who ftxates on what is perceived as being solid reality is not a candidate for liberation!

The awakened state is to dwell undistractedly in that! Listen here, Palgyi Wangchuk ofKharchen! Leave your mind in nonmeditation, don't fabricate an attitude, But, without constructing. remain in self-existing natural cognizance! 64 ADVICE FROM THE LOTUS-BORNI By remaining in that state, without casting samsara aside, The natural dissolving of samsara's faults is the wisdom of the Awakened One! Listen here, Denma Tsemang, eminent being! Your mind is devoid of subject and object and is not made, So, free from effort and artifice, don't create anything through meditation, But remain undistracted in self-existing natural cognizance!

Equal taste' means to embrace whatever you see, or whichever of the five sense pleasures occur, with the recognition of your innate nature, free from attachment or clinging. You do not accept or reject anything at all, just like the analogy of arriving on an island of precious gold. ' Again the king asked: What makes one 'cross the dangerous deflle of moving thoughts'? The master answered: When conceptual thinking occurs while resting in meditation, whatever arises does so out of your own mind.

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