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By Michael Förster

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Numerical courses usually use parallel programming options resembling OpenMP to compute the program's output values as effective as attainable. additionally, spinoff values of those output values with appreciate to convinced enter values play an important function. to accomplish code that computes not just the output values at the same time but in addition the by-product values, this paintings introduces numerous source-to-source transformation principles. those ideas are in keeping with a strategy referred to as algorithmic differentiation. the main target of this paintings lies at the vital opposite mode of algorithmic differentiation. The inherent data-flow reversal of the opposite mode needs to be dealt with accurately through the transformation. the 1st a part of the paintings examines the alterations in a really common method in view that pragma-based parallel areas take place in lots of other kinds equivalent to OpenMP, OpenACC, and Intel Phi. the second one half describes the transformation principles of an important OpenMP constructs.

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The lines 12 and 15 are for adjusting the chunk size and the upper bound for the case that the data cannot be partitioned into equal parts. This is the case when the data size n is not divisible by the number of threads p. 1 #pragma omp p a r a l l e l 2 { 3 int i←0; 4 int tid←0; 5 int lb←0; 6 i n t ub← 0 ; 7 i n t chunk_size←0; 8 t i d ←omp_get_thread_num ( ) ; 9 p←omp_get_num_threads ( ) ; 10 c h u n k _ s i z e ←n/p ; 11 i ← c h u n k _ s i z e ∗p ; 12 i f ( i = n ) { c h u n k _ s i z e ← c h u n k _ s i z e +1; } 13 l b ← t i d ∗ chunk_size ; 14 ub← ( t i d +1)∗ c h u n k _ s i z e −1; 15 i f ( ub ≥ n ) { ub←n −1; } 16 f o r ( i ← l b ; i ≤ ub ; i ++) { 17 y i ←2∗ x i ∗ x i ; 18 xi← 0 .

This can, for example, be useful for changing shared scalar data. 1 Citation 20. p. 50 "The single construct specifies that the associated structured block is executed by only one of the threads in the team (not necessarily the master thread), in the context of its implicit task. The other threads in the team, which do not execute the block, wait at an implicit barrier at the end of the single construct unless a nowait clause is specified. The syntax of the single construct is as follows: #pragma omp s i n g l e [clause[[,] clause] [.

The critical-section problem is a famous problem in computer science and can be solved by a construct satisfying the three requirements mutual exclusion, progress, and bounded waiting [74, 75]. These requirements are given by the OpenMP critical construct. 1 Citation 25 (pages 68). "The critical construct restricts execution of the associated structured block to a single thread at a time. #pragma omp c r i t i c a l [(name)] new-line structured-block An optional name may be used to identify the critical construct.

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