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All One Wicca is a rational advent to the faith of Wicca, and the culture of common Eclectic Wicca. It includes every thing the hot or complicated scholar must have interaction in examine of the religion together with an intensive dictionary and instance rituals.

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A woman, clad in a white gown nods at you and holds her hattd out. You give her the sword and she gestures for (A A l l Our Wicca UQU to teach into a Smalt welt and reinOoe the huge gent thai ties within it. As you tlft Ihe gem a jet of rvhite flame pushes you up, up Into ihe sky and aivau front the surface of the sun. The gent pulls i/nu into blackness, and then, stotely uou approach the earth. The blackness turns to tint M the gem points yourfeet towards home- It quivers in your grip and pults away from you, and you find yourself ptui'tnteling back tourard the earth tuui slummirtg uOa into your body as the gem climbs deeper inlo space.

The Divinity of the Universe is s u b d i v i d e d into three groups. In Gaeisrn. the Planet Larlh is a creature and each i n d i v i d u a l being, plant, animal or mineral is a part of that being, w h i c h is usually, but not always, named for the Goddess Gaea or G a i a . In A n i m i s m , each thing be it a windstorm or a rock, has a spirit o l its o w n . In Cyclic Totality, or Cyclicism, it is the laws of the Universe that are divine, be they the cycles of celestial decay, or tlte harvests, or the birth-death'rebirth of the nitrogen cycle.

Good leads to the third Point of Wiccan Elelief: The Ethic of Self-responsibility. A l o n g w i t h the belief thai we are born with a tresh newness uninfluenced by past lives, lhe position of the slars or anything beyond genetic nature and parental nurture comes the belief thai the Wiccan is inherently respon­ sible for himself, the belief that o n l y the individual can be blamed for his actions and the individual must not allow himself to be " l e d " to take actions that are contrary to his faith.

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