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The culture of historical philosophy is an extended, wealthy and sundry one, within which the notes of dialogue and argument always resound. This e-book introduces old debates, attractive us with the traditional advancements in their issues. relocating clear of the presentation of old philosophy as a succession of serious thinkers, the ebook offers readers a feeling of the freshness and liveliness of historic philosophy, and of its good selection of issues and kinds.

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Jowett’s interpretation of the Republic has had an astonishingly long life. In English-speaking countries, it has long outlived the vogue for Idealist philosophy, and the political debates, that produced it. Even today it is often assumed that the obvious way to read the book is as an idealist political statement, in which questions of metaphysics and ethics are developed within the framework of the ideal state. Scholars have differed merely an ideal to inspire, others as a blueprint to put directly into practice.

One is our interest in seeing and engaging with the work in its own intellectual context. Secondly, our own assumptions as to what is 33 Why do we read Plato’s Republic? reason for lapsing into relativism about interpreting it, but as a sign of the philosophically salient and interesting, what we are likely to find intellectually rewarding. And thirdly, the potential of the work we study to engender creative philosophical thinking on our part. These factors may be of different strengths and come into play in different ways.

In the ancient way of looking at it, isolated habits of action have to be unified by your understanding of what is morally appropriate, since it could hardly be the case that morality made one set of requirements for generosity and another, quite unrelated set for courage. In ancient ethics the point is not to have localized virtues but to be virtuous, to have the unified Ancient Philosophy understanding which grounds all the virtues and is called practical wisdom or phronesis. The ancient conception of virtue, moreover, is one in which practical wisdom takes the form of practical reasoning which is integrated with the motivation to do it.

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