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Anthropologie philosophique est une mémoire de l'historicité de l'individu. Le je vis précédant le je pense y divulge l. a. «gradation des valeurs bourgeoises et l. a. marche de l. a. pensée moderne». Une philosophie de l. a. vie puise dans sa propre histoire pour montrer que ce qui importe est chaque fois «la query que l'homme se pose à lui-même, et non los angeles façon d'y répondre», et cette histoire lui est nécessaire pour inventer des «formes nouvelles d'existence». L'érudition n'y cherche pas des doctrines, mais une aventure. C'est pourquoi ce qui est dit ici de Platon, de Montaigne, reste toujours nouveau : non une philosophie, mais «l'exercice de los angeles philosophie».Henri Meschonnic.

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Postulate as many universes as you wish, you will not thereby do away with the need for such an explanation with respect to our universe. Indeed, it is not clear that the actual existence of many universes does anything more to make the life-favouring conditions of this universe less surprising than would their merely possible existence. Suppose we have a million pieces of paper with a different number, ranging from 1 to 1,000,000, inscribed on each. The chance that an arbitrarily selected piece of paper bears the number 601,327 is just the same as if there were only a single piece of paper on which an arbitrary selection from the numbers 1 to 1,000,000 had been inscribed.

However, the 'authority' would appear to enjoy an understanding which is beyond us, an understanding that enables him to say that we do not do a great injustice to the facts if we think in this way, yet it does not seem that it is a matter of a more privileged understanding of 'God made the world', since Crombie has admitted to grave doubts about the programme of removing human limitations from concepts normally used to speak about human beings, and claiming that something remains when this is done: 'I sympathize with those w h o say that when you take away the human limitations you take away everything of which we have any conception' (1987: 175).

Similarly,'... the isotropy of the universe and our existence are both results of the fact that the Universe is expanding at just about the critical rate. Since we could not observe the universe to be different if we were not here, one can say, in a sense, that the isotropy of the Universe is a consequence of our existence' (Collins and Hawking 1973:317). It is doubtful whether 'in a sense' can rescue this conclusion. Again, we can readily agree that it is not in the least surprising that we find conditions suitable for life to be satisfied, yet still hold that it is surprising that such conditions should have been satisfied.

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