New PDF release: Arete and physics: the lesson of Plato's "Timaeus"

By John R. Wolfe

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One of Plato's continuing themes is that the speaker and all the peculiarities of her situation must be taken into account when evaluating their claim to truth. To write a treatise would cover this aspect up, create a false semblance of objectivity. This conception of truth was 70 An idea like this seems to undergird the lover's ascent in the Symposium as well. In Diotima's ladder love of virtue necessarily precedes love of knowledge. (Symp. ”71 One consequence of this analysis is that it reveals a form of perspectivalism at work in Plato's thought, or if not a perspectivalism, a form of standpoint epistemology.

76 Ἑπομένως 44 the artificer of his own logos which he offers up to the divine in the hopes that they might find it pleasing. In making this statement Timaeus shows us, even at this early stage, that his discourse is not to be taken as absolute truth, rather it at best it is something that the keepers of truth might approve of in a distant kind of way. His words cannot convey the contents of their immortal souls but merely of his mortal soul. Finally we come to one of the most curious features of his invocation, namely its strangely sketchy or skeletal nature.

That said, we should try to determine what the overall thrust of the monologue is concerning this question. The advocates of a metaphorical interpretation flesh their reading out through the use of two ambiguities-- one in the meaning of “becoming” and another in the meaning of “construction”. 106 103 Taylor 69. 104 Ti. 38b. 105 Ti. 29c-d. 106 This applies equally to Aristotle.

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