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By Rein Loodus

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It is a process, and anyone familiar with the process will tell you that a power grinder is never to be used to speed things up. Hastening the process that way actually softens the steel in the ax head, leaving it completely useless. Every believer loses the edge in his or her life from time to time. Trudging on in our own strength through our daily routines can make us increasingly dull, ineffective, and even dangerous. Individuals, ministries, and entire churches can lose the edge. You regain the edge in your life in much the same way that you regain the edge on an ax—by stopping what you are doing and carefully applying the right tools.

As he focused in on his distant target, a glimmer of sunlight reflected off of his scope lens, alerting Hathcock of the imminent threat. Hathcock wasted no time. He raised his rifle, aimed the crosshairs where he had seen the flash, and squeezed the trigger. He and his spotter carefully approached the body to find that Hathcock’s bullet had gone right through the other sniper’s scope, penetrating his eye and killing him instantly. It was an unbelievable shot. The weight of the moment hit Hathcock: the only possible way for that shot to have occurred was if the enemy had him lined up in his scope as well.

But the decisions are made long before temptation comes along. If not, it is too late. Hathcock could have thought of a dozen ways to compromise—but there was only one way to victory. There were many broad paths, but the narrow one—the one he made up his mind about when his thinking was clear—that one alone would bring success. That is why the writer of Ecclesiastes said to “remember in your youth,” when your head is clear and the burdens of this life have not taken hold. As you set your mind that you will not compromise during a fast, you build confidence and endurance that can carry you through the trials and battles that come.

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