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The body may have sensations and the mind thoughts and feelings but they are no longer your mind and body. Gnyaana is unlearning bhaava, it is purgation -- and the fulfilment of unlearning is neither theism nor atheism. It is not the absence of thoughts and feelings or sensations that makes for Gnyaana but only the realization of the falsity of reaction and identity, which gives the freedom from them all. The mere absence of identity that is circumstantial, say, from a handicap or even manolaya, is no Gnyaana.

According to some, liberation needs enormous effort, but others insist it is simply effortless... A. It may need no small effort to perceive, really perceive, identities and their utter falsity, but once they are truly perceived, they, all of them, simply 36 drop off automatically. There is no effort whatever involved in the process. Perception of falsity may demand effort, not liberation from it. 90. Q. I keep telling my Ego to leave me in peace, still it won’t why? A. When you tell the Ego to go, when you tell yourself ‘you are not’, who is the ‘I’ that says so?

Whereas true Intelligence -- the deep innate and inward nonpolar faculty -- is never presumptive, neither does it deliberate or calculate; unlike the intellect or emotion, fused Intelligence has no laterality, Yin or Yang, of the brain. The ingrowing drive of Intelligence spontaneously dives in and divines. Intelligence perverted and polarized by Egotistic subjectivation turns into the postured intellect, which is the tumultous din of external reason. Inner Reason does not have to analyse or learn; imbedded in the very Knowing it needs no syllogism, no cogitation.

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