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By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

ISBN-10: 0880505117

ISBN-13: 9780880505116

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I HAVE READ GURDJIEFF SAYING YOU MUST BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF -- THE MASTER. HE SAID BEWARE OF BEING SWALLOWED BY THE ANIMAL. GIVE IT SOME CIGARETTES OR ICE CREAM AND IT WILL BE CALMED. WHAT IS TRUE PERSONALITY AND WHAT IS ITS RELATIONSHIP TO ESSENCE? Paul Maniloff, THERE IS NO PERSONALITY. Personality as such is false. The word 'personality' has to be understood. It comes from 'persona'; persona means a mask. In ancient Greek drama the actors used to wear masks; those masks were called persona -- persona because the sound was coming from behind the mask.

How does it matter? But we have always been thinking in terms of comparison. We can't accept people as they are. And if you start figuring it out you WILL be in trouble -- because nothing can be figured out. Life is mysterious. If you are clever you are stupid; if you know you are stupid you are clever.... Now you will be moving in a circle; there will be no end to it. It will be like a dog chasing its own tail: the more the dog chases the tail, the more the tail will jump -with the dog, of course, because it is the dog's tail.

The whole effort here is: who lives in the mind and who lives out of the mind.... The stupid and the clever both live in the mind, because cleverness or stupidity, both are qualities of the mind. It does not matter whether you are clever or you are stupid. You are in the mind, that is the real thing. Slip out of the mind. Slip out of cleverness and stupidity both! And the best way to slip out is not to be bothered by these things because if you are bothered by these things you will remain entangled.

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