Looking to The Future – Julian Newman (English Version)

Live College Brasil presents our new series of texts, the Looking to the Future, where we will talk about players who are on their freshaman year in high school or not even that old.

To begin this series, we will talk about an athlete who has been making a big noise at events and state championships: Julian Newman.


Name: Julian Newman
Birthday: 06/09/2001 (15 years)
Position: Point Guard
College: Downey Christian High School
Class of 2020

Who sees Julian for the first time don’t believe that a frail boy can be imposed both on the court and score with as much quality as senior players of high school. Below are some of his statistics:

He along his sister Jaden were the youngest players to reach the mark of a thousand career points before entering high school. This mark is impressive and shows how good he is at the moment.

Julian debut this year in high school and everyone expects that the income it will slow down a bit. Because he will face stronger athletes, experienced and better technically.

I also believe that until his pace slow down, it should not make 52 more points in an event or more than 30 in a game “worth.” But I do not think it goes unnoticed by the high school.

It has two very good things in a young athlete, self-confidence and lack of fear.
He’s a kid who practice hard every day. Work his great ball handling, practice long distance shots and of course … his known crossover. You can see some of this practice below:

This practice appears in court, he has a good three-point shot, good view of the court, good cross and a great crossover as I mentioned above.

All games are intense and he breathes competitiveness and shows it. Normally he runs his team in a masterly way but there are times when this intensity don’t help him. He is very emotional in games and sometimes loses focus when his team need. But when he is inspired, he makes beautiful moves like this one:

In high school he must evolve quite technically and physically and I don’t think he will grow his muscles and height. But the NBA can see that the shorties players have time and we can see it on star Isaiah Thomas (Boston Celtics).

If you want to follow more about it here it is a series of videos that the Elite Mixtape made about him and his sister:

Now we just have to monitor how he will perform in high school.

You know you can read all about it and other players of all classes here on the first Brazilian website about High School Basketball

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